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Rich and Mary McCollum
Richie in the booth at a show
The Mccollum girls.

About Us

A small business committed to doing what you love 

At White Forest Spoons we believe that cooking is an act of love. Food brings us together and creates a universal connection during life's most important moments. Our products have found their way into the homes and hearts of countless people and we absolutely love knowing the meals that feature in your best memories were made with White Forest Spoons.


Richard McCollum spent the first twenty years of his career in graphic arts before striking out on his own. He has spent the last two decades perfecting and reinventing the wooden kitchen utensil. We are so proud that White Forest Spoons has many loyal customers who return to visit us year after year with new requests and ideas. Over the years White Forest Spoons has evolved to include a wide array of different utensils based on customer feedback and good old creativity. As industries change and grow, we embrace finding new ways to make the cooking experience a great one. 

People who love to cook are passionate about their craft and we strive to match that passion with quality and ingenuity. Each utensil has been freeform cut from cherry wood, sanded into shape, and finished with beeswax and mineral oil to help protect and preserve it for years to come. Most of our products are available for both left and right-handed users to ensure each utensil is a perfect fit. 

When he's not focused on White Forest Spoons, Richard can be found doing more of what he loves; spending time with his wife of 45 years, two amazing daughters, and fishing! Richard sees life as an adventure and believes that sharing it with the people you love is what really matters. That, and fishing. 

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